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About Us

Delivering confidence in solar.



Our mission is to deliver solar projects sustainably, efficiently, and relentlessly around the world.


Our goal is to contribute to the global energy solution by becoming the leading provider of renewable power.


Solar Provider Group Canada was founded in 2009 by our Chairman, Christian Wentzel, and Managing Director, Sebastian Seyfarth. Their mission was to reduce fossil fuel emissions, slow climate change, and ultimately power the future today.


What began as a small rooftop solar company quickly expanded to provide ground-mounted solar to landowners worldwide. In 2012, a US office was launched in California, just three years after our inception.

Since 2016, Solar Provider Group has focused on agricultural solar projects, which involve local pollination plans and the use of agrivoltaics. This agricultural-centered strategy has allowed us to expand to offices in the Netherlands, Poland, the UK and Germany, the home of our two founders.

Join us in continuing our story!

A Brief History 

of Solar provider Group 



Our Experience

Our company has over 10 years of experience in solar energy across multiple continents, making us a global leader with unparalleled expertise. We have completed hundreds of solar projects worldwide, totaling over 100 MW of installed capacity.


Our Global Presence

Our company has a vast global presence that spans across North America and Europe. We have strategically established ourselves in these regions to cater to the needs of our customers and are committed to expanding our reach and continuing to serve our customers in new regions across the world.


Our Collaborative Approach

We excel in every aspect of solar, from start to finish. By providing you with a single point of contact, we manage every step of your project seamlessly, ensuring timely delivery and the highest quality. We aim to create partnerships rather than simply leases with our clients.


Our Technology & Expertise

Our team of experts is highly experienced in implementing cutting-edge technology to facilitate efficient and sustainable land management practices. By using advanced tools and techniques, we are able to minimise the environmental impact of our operations and ensure that land is returned to its natural state.

Collaboration and Benefits

As project owners, our goal is to create a win-win-win situation where communities, landowners, and nature can all benefit from solar plant planning. The construction of a solar park is a significant opportunity and we provide support to municipalities as they work towards achieving climate neutrality. We offer the necessary knowledge and expertise to facilitate the process and help move it forward. Together, we make solar farms a reality and secure power supplies for the future!

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